Tis the Season to be Married…

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We are in the midst of one of the busiest seasons second to Christmas – Wedding Season!!! And similar to Christmas, wedding season is filled with great food, family, friends, fellowship, lots of gifts, beautiful dresses, handsome suits and tuxedos, beautiful decorations, and amazing ambiance. But most importantly, wedding season is filled with lots of LOVE!!!! After all, it is the act of love that makes so many weddings happen. And it’s that same love that keeps marriages lasting a lifetime. So without further ado, please enjoy some of the pictures from one of our many weddings this wedding season!

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George & Yolanda

April 2015

Ceremony Venue: Fisk University Memorial Chapel

Reception Venue: University Club of Nashville

Photographer: Roland’s Photography

Decorations: Creations by Debbie

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Prayers and Happy Moments!

The first year of marriage is the start of many, many years to come! During all of the events leading up to the wedding and marriage, you will be inundated with tips for your marriage by your friends and family. Some advice will be helpful and some not so much, but it’s the thought that counts, right?! Well, today, we do not have any advice or tips to give you, but we want share with you something fun and creative to do not only in your first year of marriage, but every year! And this is not only for newlyweds, but it can be used by all couples or individuals!

The “prayer jar” and a “happy moments jar” are something that we found on Pinterest. We’ve actually done something similar to this in the past but never coined a name for it. So what is a prayer jar and a happy moments jar? Great question!

Basically, it is a jar or container, whether it is an old shoe box, a flower vase, or whatever container you choose to designate for your prayers and for your happy moments. The creativity comes into play when you decorate it and customize it for you and your spouse or significant other. How this works is you will write out your prayers and happy moments as a couple and/or individual and place them in the corresponding containers throughout the year. You can start on January 1st, your wedding date, or any date you choose. At the end of the year, you will go through both of the containers to read the things you prayed for and all the exciting, happy moments that occurred during the year. It is a very awesome to see what things happened in the year!

prayer jar - happy moments jar

prayer jar happy moments jar


Got Gifts?


If you are looking for something different, yet personable, a scrapbook is the perfect gift! Whether it is to celebrate a wedding, a new baby, a new house, etc., S.A.S. specializes in creating scrapbooks for all occasions.

In a time where most photos can be viewed electronically, nothing compares to a traditional photo album and/or scrapbook. Plus, it makes a great decoration piece in your home. S.A.S customizes scrapbooks as a keepsake for that memorable event. The scrapbooks come in any size. Be sure to contact S.A.S. ( today to order your scrapbook!





Eat, Drink, and Be Married!

One of the most common questions we get asked from our clients is:  “What can we do at the reception so our guests will not get bored while we take our pictures?” Great question! Typically, the post wedding photos can last up to one hour and people can get a little restless during that time. Your guests have traveled near and far to celebrate this special day with you, so you want them to enjoy this day as much as you do. Therefore, we have a few ideas to share with you to keep your guests entertained until you make your grand entrance as the new Mr. and Mrs.!

  1. Cocktail hour/ Pre-reception mixer with your signature drink!
    First and foremost, this cocktail hour or pre-reception mixer can be non-alcoholic, if you, your guests, and/or the venue are not fans of alcohol. This is one of the most common things that couples do to fill that time space.  Your guests have a chance to mingle and socialize with the other guests, while drinking your signature wedding themed drink and eating light hors d’oeuvres.
  2. Photo Booth!
    Photo booths are becoming really popular and are so much fun! Most of the photo booths come with fun accessories for the guests to take pictures. This is a great way for guests to occupy their time. In addition, some companies will print two copies of the photos, so you will have a copy to keep for your keepsakes.
  3. Slideshow / Video Presentation!
    A slideshow or video presentation allows your guests to enjoy some of your favorite of you and your spouse throughout your dating life and as kids. These are always good to have at receptions and are very enjoyable to watch!
  4. Well Wishes on Scrapbook Pages!
    Of course you will have a photo album of all your pictures from the wedding. Therefore, why not have an album of well wishes from all your guests too. At each table there will pieces of paper for your guests to write their wishes for you and your spouse and a little jar to put them. 
  5. Scavenger Hunt!
    The Scavenger Hunt calls for one volunteer per table and a few items hidden in various places within the reception hall. The DJ or master of ceremonies then calls out the item and the table volunteer(s) search for the item. This can be quite hilarious as guests interact to find the items. The guest who finds the most items wins a special prize!



It’s Workout Season!

Vendor Spotlight: BarreAmped Nashville

There is no better time than the present to start your workout regimen. With all the exercise programs available, the big question is not “should I workout?” but “which workout should I do?” Therefore, we are here to share with you one of our favorite workouts – BarreAmped Nashville!

If you are looking for a great workout to get you ready for your wedding, your vacation to the beach, or to just look fabulous for the fun of it, BarreAmped is a must! BarreAmped is an intensive body shaping experience designed to produce reliable results, no matter the client. The method is influenced by classical and modern dance (though it is not a dance class) and utilizes a barre to achieve optimal positioning. Insights from Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic stretching also balance the method’s unique approach.

In addition to the classic BarreAmped classes offered, they have private classes for clients who are celebrating a wedding, bachelorette party, birthday, or any other special occasion. Be sure to visit their website ( for more information and to start your workout! The instructors are absolutely amazing and you will be so glad you went!