1. What does S.A.S Weddings and Events do?

S.A.S provides consultation, planning, and coordination services for events and weddings. Our goal is to make sure your special event flows smoothly!

2. How much are your services?

S.A.S offers different packages to suit your wedding and event needs. During your initial free consultation, we will determine the package that best fits your wedding/ event budget.

3. Do you have a list of vendors?

S.A.S does provide a list of vendors that we frequently work with to better assist with your event planning.

4. How far in advance do we need to book S.A.S Weddings and Events services?

To ensure that we are available for your special day, we recommend booking at least six (6) months to one (1) year in advance.

5. Does S.A.S. plan and coordinate out of state/destination weddings?

Most of S.A.S’s events and weddings are in the Nashville, Tennessee area. However, we are looking to expand in the future.